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Meet the Dominican Team. Habi Dominicana Real estate.

Looking for a second home in the Caribbean? We can help you find the right property. Meet the team at our office in The Dominican Republic. Habi Dominicana Real estate.
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Habi has been a Norwegian owned company with a  150 years of uninterrupted work in real estate, hotels worldwide and others industries. There are offices in different countries such as Norway, Bulgaria, Spain, China and most recently in the Dominican Republic. Established in Dominican Republic since 2006, making investments and formally established in January 2008. Before making the decision we took a lot of different factors into consideration, but it was quite clear that the Dominican Republic was the right choice for the Habi Team.

Safety and constant appreciation has been a heritage can only be achieved with a really serious and effective management. Many years of experience and professionalism have enabled Habi to improve the traditional system of construction and property management.

We offer a new and comprehensive management service tailored to the needs of each structure and owner, surpassing expectations, building trust and ensuring satisfied customers.

Habi Dominicana offers its experience. Is based on an international level, in the development, management, marketing and sale of real estate projects. One of our most recent adquisition is Villa Diamante where the Habi Team is very due to its gorgeous views and oustanding modern structures.

In the development of each of its projects Habi Dominicana takes four basic concepts into consideration.

  • architectural beauty
  • modern style
  • security and privacy

paying much attention to each detail in order to offer the client a product that complies with the highest quality standards.