Habi Founders

Habi Founders

Developing high-quality products and services, which are also innovative, is what distinguishes HABI and especially HABI Dominicana. The foundation for all this is the enterprising and visionary spirit of five generations of Norwegians who have bequeathed the best of their history to the Dominican Republic.

Under the leadership and vision of Helge Bie, the company has expanded around the world, with its presence in four of the five continents, offering an extensive catalogue of multi-services as the legacy of its predecessors and encompassing future generations that have already joined the company.

John Johnsen Bie

John Jonassen Bie (founder) (7/26/1828 – 6/16/1895). He was the founder of the company HABI, when he started a metal industry at the age of 17. He was educated in Bergen, a city in Norway. In those days the company was called BIE, which even today is a well-known brand in the metal industry.

Johan Ludvig Bie

Johan Ludvig Bie (John Jonassen’s son) (11/16/1869 – 2/5/1952). A locksmith by profession, he took over the company upon his father’s death. He distinguished himself in Norway as an excellent locksmith. In those days Norway was the country with the largest number of big vessels, which transported imported goods internationally. Due to these circumstances the company started manufacturing lamps, which were used so that the vessels could be seen from afar; these lamps were manufactured with metal and operated with gas.

Harald Bie

Harold Bie (Johan Bie’s son) (12/4/1907 – 3/17/1968). A locksmith by profession, he continued in the company after his father’s death. He was dedicated to the company, even though he did not consider himself as somebody interested in business. When he died at the age of 60, his son, Helge Bie, then 21 years old, took charge of the company.



Helge Bie (the present President) At the age of 21 became the youngest certified Master Locksmith in Norway.
When he joined the company , his primary focus was real estate development on an international level.
Mr. Bie is passionate about politics and sports, he has distinguished himself as a leader in Norway, where he presides over  several organizations.

Anne Christine Bie 

Anne Christine Bie Born on March 8, 1977, she has a university degree in political science and is presently  working in the administrative area of the Organization.

Beate Bie

Beate Bie   Born on April 4, 1979, she has a Masters in political science; she studied in Norway, London, England, and Boston in the United States. The new Habi generation speaks Spanish and is fascinated by the Dominican Republic.

  • Our team in the Dominican Republic is formed by a group of employs with huge experience in different areas in which we entered. Habi Dominicana offers its customers a knowledgeable staff involve in the wonderful world of real estate tourism in the north cost using as a platform our values ,such as:
    Quality based on excellence.
    Customer focus
As part of our impeccable assistance, we have the service of Caribbean Team Managment company, for the management and rental of your property when it is not occupied. Other services provided by Caribbean Team managment are: Cleanning, maintenance, landscaping ,payment of services and transportation coordination, We have a highly qualified staff to respond immediately and meet the needs of our customers.