Dominican Republic

A Caribbean island populated by people with a great sense of hospitality, with a rich cultural diversity, stunning natural resources and a stable investment climate.

The Dominican Republic has approx. 10,056,200 inhabitants, a constitutional government and a stable currency.  The country is famous for its incredibly beautiful beaches and its hotel and real estate complexes, which ensure an unforgettable holiday or a pleasant permanent stay.

The climate and geographical location of the island make it an ideal vacation destination, offering a beautiful environment and strategic access to many direct flights.

The Dominican Republic has produced very talented people and personalities of global significance, but first and foremost hardworking, cheerful and friendly people.

Many celebrities prefer it for their second home or summer residence.


10,056,200 (2011 census)


Santo Domingo (founded in 1492, by Bartolomé de Colon)

Maritime tropical / average temperature at noon 32 ° C


Semiarid plains, fertile valleys of green, tropical forest


1.288 km, including 300 km of beaches


Lowest point: Lago Enriquillo, 46 meters below sea level
Highest point: Pico Duarte 3.175 meters


48.730 km2
 National Plant:


 National Bird:

Palmera Cigua

 National stone:



Peso RD $



Roman Catholic (95%)